2 New Honeydew Images

Check out these 2 new pics from the feature film Honeydew that I filmed last year! The movie should be in theaters later in 2019!

Lost in Wonderland

Now that I've finished my first #GuardiansOfOz novel, I'm working on #LostinWonderland

Script Books

All of my script books (including Stab 4, Stab 5, Stab 6, Theta and The Short Film Collection) are now available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million!

I Flipped That

Check out the cover for my first big-boy novel, I Flipped That!

New Year, New Website

Y'all know how much I like change. So, I gave my website a make-over... again! Enjoy!

Guardians of Oz Series

If 3 Oz books by me wasn't enough for you, you're in luck! I have eight more Oz books coming soon! Guardians of Oz: Book One: The Demon Realm will be out in 2019! #GuardiansofOz


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