LOKd Room Escapes

I'm helping my best friend, Rachel Alexandria Arnold, design and build 5 new rooms for the business she works for! We worked closely together coming up with the designs, which, unfortunately, we can't post pictures of! We don't want to…

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I teamed up with an awesome team of illustrators (@highwind_valor and @therealbleedingheartworks on instagram) to produce a video comic series for our YouTube Channel! You can check out the first chapter below! I play the voice of Ghost Face!

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I'm a Busy Bee

I got a lot going on right now! I'm working on my first TV show (I Love Lou C), my next Oz book (Guardians of Oz: The Demon Realm) will be out soon, my grown-up book (I Flipped That) got…

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Theta Released (video)

Here's a movie I wrote that we didn't get to finish because half the actors didn't show up. Enjoy.


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