New Map of Oz

Check out this map of Oz I made to promote the release of the complete Lost in Oz trilogy!

Lost in Oz Trilogy Update

I've been diligently working on the re-release of Lost in Oz and have some exciting news! Benjamin Kissell will be illustrating the complete trilogy! Check out this promo art we put together!


Domain Issues

I'm having some issues with my domain provider, so for now you can only access my website through

Lost in Oz Complete Trilogy

All 3 of my books are being combined into one big book that will be released in May 2018! Check out the new cover art!


Theta Update

Production is set to begin again on Theta in a couple months! We've been super busy prepping and I even completely rewrote the opening sequence, which we had already filmed! So, expect an alternate opening to be released after the…

1994 Flashback

Getting my letter published in this Batman comic was the highlight of my life in 1994... as my letter says, I took my Batman collecting very seriously. I still have shelves full of Batman and Batgirl!

New Pics

Check out the 2018 page under Modeling to see more of my new pics!


Live Shows

Head over to the Live Shows page to see when I'll be performing/appearing near you!