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Wrap on Batman: Riddle Me This

That's a wrap on Batman: Riddle Me This! I had sooo much fun playing The Riddler and working with the amazing cast and crew!

Honeydew Now in Theaters!

Honeydew is in theaters today! Check your local listings!

VOD Release: April 13, 2021 

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- Amazon 

- Vudu 

- Google Play 

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- Xbox/Microsoft 

- YouTube 

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Happy 2020!

2019 was a rough year for me, so I'm welcoming 2020 with open arms!

I started suffering from seizures in 2019 and my doctors have yet to figure out what is causing them. One of these seizures even cost…

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Christmas Wish Released (video)

We did it! We finally released our short film "Chrtistmas Wish!" Due to scheduling conflicts with the other actors, all the parts are played by Joshua Patrick Dudley! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at! Enjoy!

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Christmas Wish

We are planning on (finally) filming and releasing our short film #ChristmasWish this year! Fingers crossed it works out! Stay tuned for updates. If you're not afraid of spoilers, you can read the script for it in the…

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Script Book Re-Releases

In addition to releasing my scripts as eBooks, I have been re-releasing all of my scripts as special edition books! These new releases included a new format, pictures, interviews with the cast, cut scenes and a special foreword written by…

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I teamed up with an awesome team of illustrators (@highwind_valor and @therealbleedingheartworks on instagram) to produce a video comic series for our YouTube Channel! You can check out the first chapter below! I play the voice of Ghost Face!

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I'm a Busy Bee

I got a lot going on right now! I'm working on my first TV show (I Love Lou C), my next Oz book (Guardians of Oz: The Demon Realm) will be out soon, my grown-up book (I Flipped That) got…

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Theta Released (video)

Here's a movie I wrote that we didn't get to finish because half the actors didn't show up. Enjoy.

Demo Reel (video)

I've never made an acting demo reel for myself before, but I decided it was time! Check it out!


ALL of my scripts are being re-released, or released for the first time, in book form! Stabs 4-7 were previously released but are now being updated to include bonus features! I'm kicking things off with the release of the new…

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Swipe Left Premieres

Swipe Left is a short film we did as a time-filler when some of the cast of Theta didn't show up for filming. A girl arrives for a hookup and gets more than she bargained for.

Stranded at LOK'd

I just did a really cool gig where I got to play a news anchorman from the 1950's. Hank Hankerman. It's part of a room escape at Lok'd in Manchester, NH designed by my best friend Rachel Alexandria Arnold…

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