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New Covers Updated 

Apparently I'm a crazy person. I love the new covers for all the Lost in Oz books but something still felt like it was missing. So... I took another stab at them and now I think I'm finally satisfied! The new covers will be out around February 2019, so get the other versions while you still can! They will be rare, limited releases!


ALL of my scripts are being re-released, or released for the first time, in book form! Stabs 4-7 were previously released but are now being updated to include bonus features! I'm kicking things off with the release of the new #Stab4 script today! All of the scripts will be available at online book retailers and on bookshelves in January 2019, but for now you can purchase them, as they are released, exclusively through Lulu! Use Coupon Code FWD15 at checkout for an extra 15% off of ALL of my books and scripts!