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Lost in Wonderland

Now that I've finished my first #GuardiansOfOz novel, I'm working on #LostinWonderland

Guardians of Oz Series

If 3 Oz books by me wasn't enough for you, you're in luck! I have eight more Oz books coming soon! Guardians of Oz: Book One: The Demon Realm will be out in 2019! #GuardiansofOz

New Covers Updated

Apparently I'm a crazy person. I love the new covers for all the Lost in Oz books but something still felt like it was missing. So... I took another stab at them and now I think I'm finally satisfied! The…

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Cyber Monday

Surprise! In honor of Cyber Monday, you can now also purchase all 3 Lost in Oz books individually, exclusively through Lulu. 

These individual releases won't be in book stores until January! 

And if you buy them today, you…

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Individual Lost in Oz Re-Releases

If you haven't gotten your copy of the complete trilogy yet, it's on bookshelves now! More exciting news today! All 3 original Lost in Oz novels will be re-released individually in January 2019! Check out the new cover art for…

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Complete Lost in Oz Trilogy Released!

After several years of work, the complete Lost in Oz trilogy has finally been released as one big book! This version of the trilogy features updated edits, chapters and brand new images from illustrator Benjamin Kissell, all rolled into one big…

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Lost in Oz Update

The complete Lost in Oz trilogy has been slightly delayed in release but should be available before the holidays!

Lost in Wonderland

Ever wonder what happened to Tommy after Lost in Oz? You're about to find out!