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Honeydew Now in Theaters!

Honeydew is in theaters today! Check your local listings!

VOD Release: April 13, 2021 

- iTunes 

- Amazon 

- Vudu 

- Google Play 

- Fandango Now 

- Xbox/Microsoft 

- YouTube 

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Fangoria Magazine

Lovely shot of me from #Honeydew in the latest issue of FANGORIA magazine! The issue is now available!

Honeydew on Nightstream

You can catch Honeydew this Friday at the Nightstream festival or wait until it is out in theaters in January and then it will be on VOD on platforms such as iTuens! You can buy your ticket (for $13) for…

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Tribeca Postponed

Sadly, due to the Coronavirus, Tribeca 2020 has been postponed. So we will have to wait for the premiere of Honeydew a little bit longer! Every stay inside and stay healthy!

I'm a Busy Bee

I got a lot going on right now! I'm working on my first TV show (I Love Lou C), my next Oz book (Guardians of Oz: The Demon Realm) will be out soon, my grown-up book (I Flipped That) got…

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