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Behind the Mask Update 

Our documentary celebrating our 10 years on YouTube is premiering on June 24, 2020 and I've been getting to see some of the actors from my movies again to film interviews with them! It's been such a fun experience, I hope we can get more of the actors to participate! Short Film Collection Book 

My next script book re-release is the Short Film Collection featuring 12 of our short films! The scripts included are Stabbed, Stabbed 2, Stabbed 3, Bloodlines, The Gates, New Year's Resolution, True Love, Thursday the 12th, Cinco, Father's Day, ? and Christmas Wish! Some of these short films have never been released! It's available now through Lulu and will be available at all book retailers soon!

Script Book Re-Releases 

In addition to releasing my scripts as eBooks, I have been re-releasing all of my scripts as special edition books! These new releases included a new format, pictures, interviews with the cast, cut scenes and a special foreword written by me about our experience filming! They are all currently available through Lulu, but will be available at all online book retailers soon!

So far I have re-released Stab 6: Ghostface Returns, Stab 7: Knife of the Hunter and Stab 7! Stab 4: Fresh Blood, Stab 5, Theta and The Short Film Collection are also coming soon.