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Guess what!?! The team creating "I Love Lou C" has been asked by YouTube to come and film their pilot episode in YouTube Spaces studio in Los Angeles/New York! This is a dream come true for all involved! The chance to film our show in an actual studio is something we never dreamed of!
The original "I Love Lucy" serves as inspiration for our new show and for how it's being produced. Back in the 50's, network execs didn't want Desi Arnaz to play Lucille Ball's husband, they didn't think America would buy the fact that she was married to a Cuban bandleader, even though it was true. So Desi and Lucy constructed "I Love Lucy" from the ground up and ran their own operation to get on the air, exactly like we plan to do! Our team is like a family and we're so excited to reunite and start production!


  • Daniel Viglietti
    Daniel Viglietti Melbourne
    Is "I Love Lou C" still happening?

    Is "I Love Lou C" still happening?

  • Joshua Patrick Dudley
    Joshua Patrick Dudley
    Negative on I Love Lou C

    Negative on I Love Lou C

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