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Five years have passed since the events of Stab 6: Ghostface Returns. Rachel and Kylie have successfully gotten away with plotting the deaths of their reality television show cast and are plotting another string of murders. Kylie has released a sequel to her first book, Manchester Massacre 2, and Rachel has turned both books into movie, Stab 5 and Stab 6, which received mixed reviews.

Desperate to produce another Stab movie, Rachel and Kylie decide to take a more hands-on approach and produce the new string of murders themselves, writing their new book and movie as they go and mashing up famous horror icons with Ghostface! But with Jennifer Mallard and Shannon Nightingale in hiding… who will play their final girl?

A Stab TV series is also about to hit the air, after Rachel lost the rights to the franchise, and another killer is targeting the same people as Rachel’s Ghostface… the cast of the Stab TV series! The Stab TV series revolves around a new Sarah Campbell, basically expanding upon the story of Stab 4: Fresh Blood. Are the TV show murders connected to the original cast of Stab 4?

Dylan Roberts is also back, with a new crime-fighting partner, Theo Harrelson, trying to solve the case before more of the cast is murdered. Still healing from her near death experience, Dylan can’t seem to get the story straight. Can her new partner help her solve the case before it’s too late?

One thing’s for sure in the finale… all the rules get broken.